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Substance Abuse Recovery In Santa Clara, California

You don't have to live with substance abuse. You can recover from addiction. At our Santa Clara, California, substance abuse treatment program, you can get the help you need to recover from drugs and alcohol.

Get Clean In Our Drug Detox Clinic

The first step in recovery is to rid your body of addictive substances. At our Santa Clara substance abuse treatment facility, you'll be detoxed safely, under professional supervision.

At our addiction treatment facility, we’ll make you as comfortable as possible while you undergo the withdrawal process. Clearing out toxic substances can involve unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that vary according to your history. If you've been using substances for a long time, your withdrawal symptoms may prove more difficult to handle than the symptoms experienced by someone who has only been using for a short time.

The amounts and types of substances you've been using will also determine your withdrawal experience. Although symptoms can be unpleasant, they usually pass in five to ten days.

A Plan That Works For You

At our drug rehab centers, we see everyone as unique. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan that works for everyone. After detox, we conduct a thorough assessment of your history. We’ll determine how we can best serve your needs, and we’ll set up a personal treatment plan that will most effectively help you reach your goals.

Some of our clients develop a substance abuse disorder alongside another co-occurring disorder. You may have a personality disorder, a mood disorder, or a cognitive disorder in addition to a substance abuse disorder. This situation requires dual diagnosis mental health treatment, so that the psychiatric disorder can be treated concurrently with the substance abuse disorder.

Some of our clients develop substance abuse problems as a way to cope with a mental health disorder. A chronically depressed person might become dependent on cocaine to enhance their mood, for example, or someone who is prone to panic attacks might use opiates to calm down. When the co-occurring mental health disorder is treated, the need to use drugs or alcohol may diminish, affording our clients a better shot at recovery.

A Safe Place To Get Clean And Sober

Our Santa Clara addiction recovery center was designed to foster a safe, encouraging, and supportive atmosphere where our clients can focus on sober living while taking a break from the demands of daily life. We strongly believe that community and connection with others are essential for recovery. Asking for help, seeking support, and confiding in others are essential elements in any substance abuse treatment program.

Personalized Treatment

Because we design our treatment plans to suit the individual, clients participate in a variety of treatments, from group therapy and support groups to individual counseling.

In our addiction recovery program, you will be encouraged to explore the issues at the root of your addiction. Identifying and sharing about trauma and abuse that have played a role in your substance abuse can clear the way for healing and help you to develop new and healthy ways of coping with the scars left by early abuse and trauma.

Preparing For A Drug-Free Life

Although our detox facility can get you clean, we can't keep you clean. However, we can help you develop relapse prevention strategies that can help you deal with the triggers you are sure to face after leaving our addiction treatment center. Triggers are the experiences, environments, and situations that make you want to pick up. Minimizing triggers and learning how to deal with them is essential if you plan to stay clean.

Living The Recovery Dream

Regardless of how long you stay at our drug rehab facility, you will have to leave eventually. Staying clean outside can be scary, but you won't have to do it alone. We encourage our clients to start attending support groups immediately after discharge from our drug rehab facility. Forming relationships and getting involved in the Santa Clara recovering community is one of the best ways to start and maintain a clean and sober life.