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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is when a person is struggling with both an addiction and a mental health disorder. Around half the people with an addiction are struggling with this. To effectively treat the addiction, we must identify and address any underlying mental health issues that are contributing to and exacerbating it.

2Do I have to take part in group therapy?

Yes. It is an absolutely pivotal aspect of any addiction recovery. Sharing your struggle and listening to the challenges of others will show you you're not alone and help is available and accessible. We ask that you are completely honest so that the other clients know you are taking treatment seriously and so that they are able to provide you with helpful, insightful, and effective advice.

3Is your treatment all the same?

No. We pride ourselves on creating customized addiction treatment plans for each client. The most effective addiction recovery plan is the one that is centered around you and your unique needs and situation. We do not compromise with the quality of treatment. Rest easy knowing you're in good hands.