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Take that second chance in life with our addiction treatment center. We give clients who are ready to start fresh the support and care they need to defeat addiction and begin their life anew. You'll have access to informed staff who understand the unique challenges faced by those who struggle with addiction. You’ll find out how it feels to be clean and healthy for the first time in months or years. Plus, we'll take you through the steps to rehabilitation, achieving your wish for a fulfilling life again.

A Safe Environment

When clients with a dependence on drugs or alcohol check into the Kelly Institute, our drug rehab facility in Mahwah, New Jersey, they get access to a safe, comfortable environment. The process of rehabilitation can be involved and for many clients, while life at home offers many triggers. Our in-house addiction recovery facility provides a place away from home that is secure and staffed with dedicated staff. We offer a supervised detoxification for clients during their withdrawal period, which is hard on the body and mind. This helps reduce the risk of an overdose in clients seeking to relieve their symptoms. After detox, clients continue to get support in their addiction recovery process which takes time and education.

In-Depth Support

The most important aspect of finding a substance abuse treatment facility is finding out about their support services. Our Mahwah, New Jersey addiction recovery center provides clients with everything they need to succeed. We give clients a safe space for detoxing, well-trained staff members, and skills training. With our program focused on creating a caring community of like-minded people, you'll be able to share your experiences with others who have gone through the same thing. An extended support group is essential to addiction recovery. Being able to spend time with other clients gives you a chance to relax and not feel isolated. You'll also be able seek advice and enjoy social activities that keep you healthy and distracted from any cravings.

Long-Term Care

We're ready to provide the long-term stay that you may need for certain addictions or a complicated recovery. Research has shown that the longer a client stays in an addiction treatment facility, the better their chances of maintaining sobriety. Part of this is from establishing new healthy habits and giving them plenty of time to solidify. Another part is having more time to learn coping skills and management of your particular addictions. Our drug detox clinic also gives your body the time it needs to heal completely. Whether it is thirty days or up to a year, we can create an individualized treatment plan to get you where you want to be.

Transitioning Back Into Your Life

Clients who have gone as far as possible in our addiction recovery program are ready to transition into everyday life. This can take many shapes, and our staff will assist you in picking the best next step. We'll help you find a sober living home where you can still live in a safe, clean environment while taking on daily responsibilities. Some clients may choose a sober living home in a completely new area, so they aren't triggered by their old neighborhood and acquaintances. Other clients who want to return home may find aftercare through a community support group that meets regularly. We can also help you with a mentor or counselor to call on for on-going support with personal goals. The type of aftercare you choose will be whatever suits your long-term needs.

From a safe, comfortable environment to a reliable, caring staff, clients searching through excellent drug rehab centers can find success in our facility. We have a tailored, dual diagnosis treatment plan that addresses emotional and mental illness. So, clients with mental illness won't need to self-medicate to deal with their symptoms. Get detoxed, learn new habits, and rebuild your life with us.