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There comes a point in every life where people face a crossroads that defines them. For someone who battles drug addiction, that point is when they decide to make a serious journey towards sobriety. Taking steps to regain your sobriety is the most rewarding journey you can imagine. If you want to get clean, then you should research drug rehab centers to find your ideal facility for recovery. Take a look at what our drug rehab centers have to offer clients.

We Create a Treatment Plan Specifically for You

At the Kelly Institute, our drug rehab facility in Uniondale, New York, we take pride in providing each one of our clients with an addiction recovery program that is custom designed to meet their needs. Each one of our clients comes to us with a background of circumstances that needs to be carefully considered. When you enroll in our addiction recovery program, you can count on us to consistently monitor and update your treatment as you make your way through the program.

Learning About Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

Much of the public does not realize that about half of those people who battle drug addiction battle mental illness as well. In our Uniondale, New York addiction recovery facility, you will be evaluated to determine whether you have any type of mental health condition that requires additional treatment. It is important to determine whether dual diagnosis mental health treatment is being utilized to treat both the drug addiction and a co-occurring mental health condition. Without treating one, the other condition will always be complicated.

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

When you are with us at our Uniondale, New York addiction recovery center, we want you to feel like you are with family. Some of the people you spend time with when you are going through addiction recovery will become even closer to you than you anticipate. The heart of recovery is group therapy, where the stories of addiction are shared. Inside your group meetings, you will laugh, cry, rage, and love. Listening and telling stories of despair and hope will teach you the wisdom you need to escape the clutches of drug addiction.

The Necessity of Safety

When you are inside our addiction treatment facility in Uniondale, New York, you will find the safest environment imaginable. We know that a complete and total sense of security is necessary if you are going to be able to open up fully while you are in rehab. If you ever need some kind of adaptation to ensure that you feel safe, you are always welcome to ask us to make accommodations for you during your stay. You can count on feeling safe when you are with us. We do everything we can for your utter security so that you can be totally honest with the staff and other clients when you are in rehab.

Total Care

We offer treatment through every stage of the recovery process. When you enter our Uniondale, New York substance abuse treatment facility, you are beginning a long journey where we will be beside you through every crucial step. From the time you reach our drug detox clinic until you leave one of our aftercare programs, we will give you every resource you need to make it through recovery. Count on us for detox, therapy, a mental health evaluation, safety, comfort, complete support, aftercare and everything in between.

The key to getting clean is to find an addiction treatment center that provides you with a safe, comfortable environment where you can get the total range of resources you need to get clean. When clients enter the Kelly Institute, our substance abuse treatment center in Uniondale, New York, they find the place they need to receive individualized treatment that is ideal to help them gain recovery.